Core Credits

Core Credits are Core’s in-platform currency used to buy items from the Core Shop as well as in-game Perks that are made by creators! They have two classifications: Purchased and Earned.

Purchased and Earned Credits can be used to both make purchases from the Core Shop and buy in-game Perks - there is no difference between the two in this regard. Additionally, Purchased and Earned Credits are identical in appearance and are only classified/differentiated in Core’s backend. The reasons for the differences between the two are explained later in this article.


Purchased Credits

Credits purchased from the Core Shop can be used to buy items from the Core Shop such as heroes, mounts, and emotes. Core Credits (both Purchased and Earned) are the only way to purchase in-game Perks from creators. Purchased Credits are solely available in the Core Shop and must be purchased using government-issued currency, such as US Dollar.

For information on purchasing Core Credits, check out this article or visit the Core Shop when logged in to Core!



Earned Credits

Earned Credits are those Credits which creators earn through the sales of Perks in their game(s) to players. As with Purchased Credits, these can be used to buy items from the Core Shop or even Perks in games made by other creators!

However, the unique thing about Earned Credits is that creators may request to have Manticore Games “buy back” these Credits and be paid real (fiat) currency for them. This is the means in which creators can effectively monetize their game(s) through sales of their Perks.

Earned Credit Values & Buyback Request

The minimum amount of Earned Credits needed to initiate a buyback request is 100,000, which equates to $500 (prior to any transaction fees that may be deducted). Please see the table below for current value of Earned Credits in US Dollar (USD):

Earned Credits USD
100,000 $500
250,000 $1,250
500,000 $2,500
1,000,000 $5,000
2,000,000 $10,000
4,000,000 $20,000
10,000,000 $50,000


What if I Have Both Purchased AND Earned Credits?

Creators enrolled in Perks may possess both Purchased and Earned Credits. However, when making purchases in the Core Shop or when buying Perks in other games, the Credits will be deducted from their Purchased balance first, then their Earned balance.

Note that the Core Credits balance in the upper-right of the screen will display your total balance of both Purchased and Earned Credits:

To view your Earned Credits balance, you must navigate to the Perks Program page (if enrolled in Perks):

Keep in mind that only Earned Credits are eligible for buyback from Manticore Games.


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