Creating In-Game Perks

Perks must first be created in order to sell them in-game. To implement, activate, and receive Core Credits for sales of monetization features such as Perks, a creator must be a member of Core’s Perks Program. Information regarding the Program can be found here.

Note that Perks are made entirely by the creator and they are responsible for functionality and support for them. However, Manticore does provide some example/template perks in games such as Farmers’ Market and others that creators may use to create their own perks.


Accessing Perks Manager

To access the Perks Manager and get started creating Perks, open the Core Editor and click “Window” in the top toolbar:


“Perks Manager” will now display if the creator is a member of the Program. Otherwise, creators will receive a message indicating that they must be a member of the Program in order to access the Perks Manager.


Perks Manager Interface

Once you have accessed the Perks Manager, you will be presented with the following:


The Perks Manager will display all Perks that have been created as well as allow you to create new Perks. For each Perk created, you can view the following information:

  • Name: Perk name
  • Date Created: Original creation date
  • Projects: Displays projects/games that the Perk is associated with
  • Type: Limited-Time, Permanent, or Repeatable
  • Duration: The usable duration of the Perk for Limited-Time Perks
  • Price: The Perk Price in Core Credits
  • Status: The status of the Perk

For all of the ins-and-outs of creating Perks, check out our detailed tutorials found in our Documentation library.

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