Create Your Core Account

To get started with Core, you must first create an account:

  1. Visit to create your account.


  2. Enter your info, accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by checking the box, and then click “Register”.

  3. You will receive a verification email shortly thereafter (check your spam/junk, social, or promotions folder if you don’t see it).

  4. After verifying your account by clicking the link in the email, you are ready to start playing! Be sure to download Core if you haven't already.

Having Trouble With Account Registration?

See below for some known issues when trying to register an account or entering your email address.

"Please enter a valid email" or "Invalid email"

Certain regions, email domains, and Internet service providers (ISPs) block Core's ability to register, verify, and ultimately create new accounts or add email addresses. If you are receiving the "Please enter a valid email" or "Invalid email" error, it is likely that you fall into one of the aforementioned categories. Additionally, our email validation software may inadvertently block email addresses that may have previously worked for other games and software.

Fortunately, we have a couple of alternatives for you:

1. Core also supports third-party authentication with a Google or Facebook account. If you have an account with either, you are able to create a Core account using those credentials.

2. Core is now available on the Epic Games Store! You can create a Core account through the Epic Launcher:

In the event you are unable to register a new account, we recommend using third-party authentication and login via Google or Facebook or using Core through the Epic Games Launcher.

If you continue to have issues, please contact Support.


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