Content Moderation in Core

Moderation is the process by which Core aims to maintain an experience that is enjoyable and fun for all by attempting to keep it free from anything deemed offensive, objectionable, or in violation of Core’s Code of Conduct. Another purpose of moderation is to help protect the intellectual property of other artists, creators, etc. This includes anything present in games, content, templates, or reviews found in Core as well as statements or actions by users while on the platform.

There are multiple components to moderation:

  • Core user and community-provided reports of violations and/or other Core users

  • Monitoring and review of content and users by Core’s Moderation Team

  • Suspension or removal of content found in violation

  • Reviewing of discovered or reported violations and providing users steps to correct, if appropriate/applicable

  • Depending on nature of violation, disciplining users as appropriate/applicable (account suspensions, bans, etc.)

  • Any other actions deemed necessary by Moderation Team to ensure an enjoyable and fun experience for all Core users
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