Daily Active Users (DAU) Info

What does "average DAU" mean and how is it calculated?

Average Daily Active Users (DAU) is the sum of the unique players that log into your games each day in a given calendar month, divided by the number of days in that month. For example, if 10,000 users played your game(s) in a 30-day month, then your average DAU would be just over 300 (334).

It is important to note that average DAU is per user and not per game/content.
For example, if you created both Farmers’ Market and Bombs Away, your average DAU would be calculated using the following:

  • Player A and Player B both play Farmers’ Market = 2 DAU
  • Player A plays Farmers’ Market and Player B plays Bombs Away = 2 DAU
  • Player A plays both Farmers’ Market and Bombs Away = 1 DAU


Is there a minimum number of average DAU required for a monthly payout?

To qualify for a payout in a given month, you must exceed 50 average DAU for that month. Creators with below 50 average DAU will not receive a payout. Please note that if you are below the threshold, it still resets at the beginning of the following month and does not "roll over".


For additional information regarding average DAU and payouts, check out our Creator Payouts FAQ.

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