Daily Active Users (DAU) Info

What does "average DAU" mean and how is it calculated?

Average Daily Active Users (DAU) is the sum of the unique users that play each of your games each day in a given calendar month, divided by the number of days in that month. For example, if 10,000 users played your game in a 30-day month, then your average DAU for that game would be just over 300 (334).


What is meant by "unique" user?

If the same user plays your same game multiple times in a day, that counts as one user for that game for that day, regardless of how many times they play it in a given day.


Is there a minimum number of average DAU required for a monthly payout?

Creators are eligible for a payout for all of their games that have an average DAU of 50 or more per month. So, if you had three games that all reached 50 average DAU in a given month, then you would receive a payout for each of those games. However, if only two of the games reached 50 average DAU, then you would only receive a payout for each of those two games.

Check out this article for ways to further increase your payout for each game.

Note that the total number of users in a given month do not rollover to the next month - each month resets to zero at the beginning.


For additional information regarding average DAU and payouts, check out our Creator Payouts FAQ.

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