Purchasing Content

Content Available in the Core Shop

Content available for purchase can be found in the Core Shop (with the exception of in-game Perks). This content includes:

  • Core Credits
  • Founder’s/Starter Packs
  • Heroes
  • Mounts
  • Emotes

Content can be purchased with government-issued currency (US Dollar - USD) Reward Points, or in-platform Core Credits. However, certain types of content may only be purchased with government-issued currency, Reward Points, or Core Credits. These are:

Government-issued currency (USD)

  • Core Credits
  • Starter Pack

Reward Points

  • Heroes
  • Mounts
  • Emotes

Core Credits in-platform currency:

  • Founder's Packs
  • In-Game Perks (available in games only - not available in Core Shop)

Purchasing Content

Adding a Payment Method

To add a payment method, you may:

 Accepted payment methods include:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal

To add a payment method while purchasing content, follow the steps below in (in this case, we will be purchasing Core Credits as our content). Please note that prices displayed in screens may differ from those currently listed in the Shop

Purchasing Core Credits In-Platform Currency

Core Credits are Core’s in-platform currency used for purchasing creator-made in-game Perks or Founder's Packs from the Core Shop. To purchase Core Credits, you must first have a payment method in the system - but don’t worry, you can add a payment method during checkout.

1. Visit the Core Shop by clicking on “Shop” in the top navigation bar:


2. Once at the Shop, select "Core Credits" in the Shop's top navigation bar (listed next to "Founder's Pack" and "Featured").


3. Select the amount of Core Credits you'd like to purchase by clicking the image of the credits or the green button.

4. As this is your first purchase, you may need to add a payment method at the following dialog box by clicking "Add Payment Method".


5. A new window will open that takes you to your Account Settings page.


6. From here, you may select to enter your credit card or PayPal information. If selecting "card", you will see the following dialog box for entering your credit card information:


7. Enter your credit card information and click "Add Payment Method". You will then see the following dialog box with your payment method(s) (you may add multiple credit cards or PayPal to your account):


8. If selecting PayPal, you will be presented with the following dialog box:


9. Click the "PayPal Checkout" button. A PayPal login screen will be displayed - enter your PayPal credentials to complete the process via PayPal and finish adding the payment method.

10. You are now all set to complete your purchase in the Core Shop!

11. When you return to the Core Shop from the Account Settings page after entering your payment method, the purchase dialog box will now look like the image below. You may also change your payment method before completing your purchase (if multiple payment methods in the system).


12. Click the "Purchase" button - once complete, you will receive a confirmation and the credits will be added to your balance in the top-right corner of your screen as shown below. You will also receive an email confirmation and receipt for your purchase. Please note that all purchases are in US Dollar (USD) - conversion to a final purchase amount on your statement may differ if purchasing in other government-issued currency.


The same process applies when purchasing Founder's Packs or other content that must be purchased with government-issued currency.

Purchasing Founder's Packs

Founder's Packs can only be purchased using Core Credits.

1. Visit the Core Shop by clicking "Shop" in the top navigation bar.

2. Founder's Packs are located on the default Shop page.

3. Select one of the Founder's Packs by clicking on the image.

4. You will be brought to a page displaying all items you will receive with your Founder's Pack purchase.

5. Click the "Purchase" button to buy the Founder's Pack.

6. You will receive a confirmation on-screen as well as in your email.

Once you have completed your purchase, check out the "Great, Now Where's the Stuff I Bought?" article in our Help Center.

Can I Upgrade My Founder's Pack if I've Already Purchased One?

Yes! For example, if you purchased the "Rare" Founder's Pack initially, but would like to upgrade to the "Epic" Pack, you will receive a discounted price on the Epic Pack for the value of the items you already own from your initial purchase of the Rare Pack.

Purchasing Content With Core Credits

Only in-game Perks and Founder's Packs may be purchased with Core Credits (in-game Perks are not available in the Core Shop).

Are Purchases Purely Cosmetic or Do They Affect Gameplay?

All in-game items available in the Core Shop are purely cosmetic and do not have an impact on gameplay (e.g. are not "pay to win" items). Perks, however, may have an impact on gameplay (depending on the design of the creator).

Additional Terms Regarding Virtual Tokens

Effective December 8, 2020

As part of its Content offerings, Manticore may offer you the ability to acquire a limited license to use our virtual credits or tokens (“Core Credits”) such as by (a) purchasing a limited license to use Core Credits for a fee (including as part of a Usage Subscription), (b) earning a limited license to use Core Credits by performing or accomplishing specific undertakings through the Service, or (c) through such other methods as we may offer from time to time.  

Limited License

If we offer you the ability to acquire a limited license to use Core Credits, we hereby grant you a non-exclusive, revocable, personal, limited, non-transferable (except within the Service) right and license to use Core Credits only for your personal entertainment use exclusively in connection with the Service as permitted by us, subject to  our Terms.

We will credit your Account for any Core Credits acquired or earned by you. Except as required by applicable law, i) all payments for Core Credits are final and not refundable or exchangeable, and ii) your license to use Core Credits will terminate upon termination of our Terms or your Account. 


Manticore, in its sole discretion, may impose limits on the amount of Core Credits that may be purchased, earned, accumulated, redeemed, or otherwise used. 

Core Credits can only be used to purchase other Content within the Service and have no value outside of the Service. Transactions involving the exchange of Core Credits for virtual items or services on the Service are not legally enforceable and may not form the basis of any private right of action against us or any third party, and are governed solely by us in our sole discretion and application of our Terms. 

You may not transfer, assign, sell, gift, exchange, trade, convert, lease, sublicense, rent, or distribute Core Credits except within the Service and as expressly permitted by Manticore. We do not recognize or condone any third-party services that may be used to sell, exchange, transfer or otherwise dispose of Core Credits and we do not assume any responsibility for, and will not support, any such transactions. Any disposition or attempted disposition of Core Credits in violation of our Terms will be void and will result in immediate termination of your Account and any license to use Core Credits. 

Core Credits do not have an equivalent value in real currency (except where we offer to repurchase Earned Credits through our Perks Program from time to time), do not act as a substitute for real currency, do not act as consideration for any legally enforceable contract (except as may be provided through the Perks Program), and do not earn interest. Neither Manticore nor any other person or entity has any obligation to exchange Core Credits for anything of value, including, but not limited to, real currency, monetary value, or convertible virtual currency, except as otherwise expressly provided in our Terms or as required by applicable law. 

Except as otherwise prohibited by applicable law, Manticore 1) may engage in actions that may impact the perceived value or purchase prices, if applicable, of Core Credits at any time, 2) has the absolute right, in its sole discretion, to manage, modify, substitute, replace, suspend, cancel or eliminate Core Credits, including revoking or terminating your right to access or use Core Credits, without notice, refund, compensation or liability to you, 3) makes no guarantee as to the nature, quality, or value of Core Credits or the availability or supply thereof, and 4) reserves and retains all rights, title and interest, property or otherwise, in and to the Core Credits.

Refund Policy

We hope you enjoy your purchase(s) from the Core Shop. However, please keep in mind that all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

When you make a purchase on or receive a gift through Core or the Core Shop, you have immediate access to, and use of, the product(s) or service(s) you have purchased. Accordingly, except as described in our Terms of Service, and to the extent permitted by applicable law, cancellations are not permitted after a purchase, and we do not offer any refunds or credits (including, without limitation, fees for subscription(s)) and in-game items and other digital goods are not returnable after purchase. Manticore reserves the right to modify its refund policy at any time. 

If you have problems with the installation or use of items purchased, or if you believe there are unauthorized purchases from the Core Shop in your Core account or on your credit card/payment method, please contact Support as soon as possible.

The following refund policy can be found in Section 4(B) of the Manticore Games, Inc. Terms of Service:

Except as set forth in any Additional Terms, purchases of Content (including but not limited to Usage Subscriptions) are final, non-refundable, have no monetary value (i.e. are not a cash account or equivalent) and are purchases of only a limited, revocable, personal, and non-transferable license to use such Content through the Service, even if such purchases come with a durational term (for instance, a monthly subscription). Notwithstanding any agreement by Manticore to provide a discretionary pro-rata refund or credit in certain circumstances, you have no property, proprietary, intellectual property, ownership, economic, or monetary interest in your Account, Core or User Content, Usage Subscriptions or other virtual goods and services, which remain the exclusive property of Manticore (subject only to the limited User Content License set forth below, this Agreement, or any Additional Terms). 

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