Creator Payouts FAQ

What is the Creator Payout Program?

Core’s Creator Payout Program allows creators to earn money from the games and content they create on the Core platform. The more people play your game, the more you get paid!


How much money can I receive?

Payouts are calculated based on the average Daily Active Users (DAU) for your game(s)/content. Please see additional information found later in this FAQ.


Does it cost anything to join the program?

No - creating and playing games and content on Core is free-to-play! However, joining the program is currently by invite-only during this pilot phase. If you have a cool game on Core and wish to be considered for membership in the program, please fill out this form.


How do I join the program?

To apply to the program, please fill out this form. All applicants must be a Core account holder in good standing and in compliance with Core’s Terms of Service.


Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in the program?

To participate in this Payout Program, you must be an adult of legal age of majority in your country of residence. The Payout Program is not available to persons under the age of thirteen (13). If you are under the legal age of majority in your country of residence (for instance, in the United States, under eighteen (18) years old), your parent or legal guardian must consent to the Payout Program policy on your behalf and supervise your participation in the Program.


By participating in the program, am I considered an employee of Manticore Games, Inc.?

You acknowledge that your participation in the Creator Payout program, including your creation or uploading of content to Core, does not make you a Manticore employee and that you do not expect to be, and will not be, compensated by Manticore Games for such activities (except as may be provided for under this Creator Payout program), and you will make no inconsistent claims. In addition, no agency, partnership, joint venture or franchise relationship is intended or created by this program.


Are any countries excluded from the program?

Core is not available to a national or resident of any country or other jurisdiction to which the United States has embargoed goods, software, technology or services (which, as of the effective date of this FAQ, includes Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria), or (ii) to anyone on the U.S. Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Commerce Department's Table of Deny Orders, or (iii) to anyone on the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security Entities List as published in the Export Administration Regulations (including entities engaged in weapons of mass destruction proliferation in various countries and persons and entities that are suspected of diverting U.S. origin items to embargoed countries or terrorist end-uses). Payouts through Tipalti may have additional territorial restrictions.


Is anything required of me if I join the program?

In addition to abiding by Core’s Terms of Service and the Code of Conduct, Creator Payout Program participants are responsible for:

  • Ensuring their game(s)/content do not exploit the platform to increase average DAU
  • Creating a Tipalti account and complying with Tipalti’s terms.


What legal information do I need to provide to join the program?

In addition to the information that you provide for your Core account, you will be asked to complete and submit a tax form through Tipalti’s online portal. Please do not email your tax form or other sensitive personal information to Manticore. The individual on the Tipalti portal account should be the same one whose name and information is on the Payout Program, any tax form you submit, and any associated bank account or payment method. Your Tipalti account will be subject to Tipalti's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Can my development team/group join as a team/group?

Though we absolutely encourage collaboration with other creators, the program is for individual accounts only. It is up to the owner/administrator of the member account for the Creator Payout Program to ensure that any payments  are distributed to the other team members as they have agreed. As all payments are made to one user, Manticore Games accepts no responsibility for development team payouts, distributions, or disputes.


Can I leave/quit the program?

Yes, you can leave the program at any time. However, in the month of your departure, your average DAU must meet the minimum threshold for that month to be paid regardless of what day of the month you leave the program. For example, if you leave the program on July 15th, your average DAU will be calculated using all 31 days in the month, which may or may not impact your ability to meet the minimum for a payout in the month of your departure.


Can I be removed from the program?

Manticore reserves the right to review account activity and to deny eligibility, invitation, or payout to any Creator who we determine has violated our Terms, the law, or the spirit of our Payout Program or Core.

Suspicious activity or inaccuracies in the information submitted to Manticore and/or Tipalti can result in processing delays or can result in your eligibility being denied.


What types of activities qualify for the Creator Payouts program?

Currently, the program pays Creators for people that play their games and content they have uploaded to Core. Creators are not able to sell their game objects, kitbash models, templates, etc. at this time.


Am I paid in real (fiat) currency or in an in-game currency that must be converted?

At this time, all payments are made from Manticore Games in US Dollars (USD). However, program members can elect to receive payment in converted local currency as offered by Tipalti. All conversions and exchange rates are determined by the payout provider (Tipalti).


How are payouts calculated?

Payouts are calculated based on the number of average Daily Active Users (DAU) for each of your game(s)/content. So, if you have multiple games/content uploaded, players of each of those are used to calculate the average DAU for each that you can be paid for.


What does "average DAU" mean and how is it calculated?

Average Daily Active Users (DAU) is the sum of the unique players that log into each of your games each day in a given calendar month, divided by the number of days in that month. For example, if 10,000 users played your game in a 30-day month, then your average DAU would be just over 300 (334) for that game.

For more information on average DAU, check out this article.


If a user logs-in to my game/content multiple times per day, does it count as a new DAU each time they log in?

No, a user who logs-in to your game/content multiple times per day is counted as ONE (1) DAU for that game that day. However, when they log in the following day, they count as a new DAU for that day (and so on and so forth).


Is there a minimum number of average DAU required to receive a payout?

Yes, your game/content must have an Average DAU of 50 per month to qualify for payout participation. Once this minimum is satisfied, those users are included in the average DAU that you can be paid for.


How much do I earn per average DAU?

Currently, creators are paid US $3 for each average DAU (once the minimum has been satisfied) for their game(s). This means that if your game has 500 users log in to your game(s) every day within a given month , then you can be paid $1,500 for that month for that game.


What happens if I don't meet the minimum number of average DAU required to receive payout?

If at the end of the month, your average DAU for a game is below the minimum (currently 50 average DAU), you will not receive any payout for that game or content that month. However, the average DAU “counter” resets at the beginning of each month, so there is a new opportunity to receive a payout with each new month.


Is there a penalty for not meeting the minimum average DAU in a given month?

No, there is no penalty – you just will not receive any payout if your game's aggregate DAU for that calendar month is below the minimum threshold.


Is average DAU for payouts calculated per game/content or per all of my games/content?

Average DAU is calculated individually for each of your games/content.

For example, if you created both Farmers’ Market and Mergelandia, your average DAU would be calculated using the following:

  • Player A and Player B both play Farmers’ Market = 2 DAU
  • Player A plays Farmers’ Market and Player B plays Mergelandia = 2 DAU
  • Player A plays both Farmers’ Market and Mergelandia = 2 DAU

Check out this article for more details on DAU.


Can I view my average DAU and current/projected payouts in real-time?

Each day, Manticore will send an email to Payout Program participants with their total DAU for the day for each game.


What happens if I join the program mid-month?

Regardless of the day that a new participant joins, we take the average for the full calendar month.


When should I expect payment for the previous month's average DAU?

Please allow approximately two (2) weeks for your eligibility to be reviewed and any related payment to be processed.

Suspicious activity or inaccuracies in the information submitted to Manticore and/or Tipalti can result in processing delays or can result in your eligibility being denied.


What currency will I be paid in?

All creator payouts will be paid by Manticore Games in US Dollars (USD). However, when registering your Creator Payout account through Tipalti, payees may be able to select the currency in which they would like to receive payment.


What forms of payment are available?

Depending on your country of residence, payment may be available via direct deposit/ACH, PayPal, wire transfer, or check. Participants will select their payment form when registering their payment account with Tipalti.


What about taxes?

Your participation in the Payout Program may or may not have tax implications based on your tax jurisdiction (location) and your payouts. See Policy for more detail on U.S. and Non-U.S. tax implications.


Is my financial information secure?

All financial transactions and payments are via our third-party payment automation service, Tipalti. Tipalti utilizes industry-standard, enterprise-class SSL encryption. You can find more information about Tipalti here.


How long will the program be active?

Beginning on July 1, 2020 and until such time as Manticore ends this Payout Program.


Can I be removed from the Payout Program as result of disciplinary action taken against me or my games/content?

Though we hope it never happens, Creators can be removed from the Program as a result of severe or repeated violations of Core’s Code of Conduct or Terms of Service. Creators may also temporarily have their ability to participate suspended/frozen for certain violations.


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