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Can't decide which game to play? Don't know what an "obby" or "prop hunt" is? Want to explore some of Core's other features? Like getting FREE in-game items? Then Core's Quests system is for you!

Getting Started with Quests

To get started with Quests, click the "Quests" button in the upper-right corner of the Games Browser, above your Friends List:


You will then arrive at the Quests screen which displays the current quests for the day as well as the rewards for leveling-up from earning XP upon quest completion (the Mini-Tank Mk. 02 is a crowd-favorite):


To earn XP and start leveling-up to earn rewards, simply complete the quest objectives outlined in each quest's description.

Please see below for some additional questions as well as features and functions of the Quests system:

How do I know which category a game falls under?

For quests that require you to play a game from a specific category, you can find out the category of the game on the Game Page, listed below the "Play" button and game's description:


How often do the quests reset?

Quests reset daily at 12:00am UTC (5:00pm US Pacific Time, 8:00pm US Eastern Time).

What happens if I start a quest before the server resets, but complete it after reset?

Your XP will be counted at the time of completion, so if you started it towards the end of the daily cycle, but don't complete it until after server reset, it will count during the cycle after the server has reset.

Are the quests the same each day?

Quests will rotate daily, with additional quests being added regularly. There will be more variation in the quests as you progress through leveling. Keep leveling to discover more types of quests and objectives!

Are the rewards the same each day?

Although the quests will rotate daily, the rewards will remain the same.

What happens if I already possess one of the quest rewards?

In the event you already possess a quest reward, it will show as "Claimed" in the reward window.

Can I exchange a quest reward item for another item?

Quest reward items are unable to be exchanged for other items.

Can I get Core Credits for a quest reward item that I already possess?

Quest reward items are unable to be exchanged for Core Credits or granted Core Credits in-lieu-of.

I noticed that some rewards are partial armor/costume sets - what's up with that?

As pieces of character armor/costumes can be mixed-and-matched, some quest rewards include the upper, lower, or head portion of some of the full sets. However, completing several of the quests will eventually net players the entire set for some characters, such as Crystal (pictured below):


What if I didn't receive my quest reward?

If you completed a quest and didn't receive your reward, please submit a Support request. 

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