Shared Storage: Loot, Levels, Worlds, and More!

Have you been wondering if it is possible to easily use items and weapons from one of your games in another? Are you looking to add a new level or expand into new worlds for your existing game?  The good news is that this is all possible in Core with our Shared Storage and Shared Keys feature!

To see how to implement Shared Storage into your games, please check out our tutorial.

What is "Shared Storage"?

Shared Storage is Core's design feature that allows characters to carry weapons, items, and other data from one creator's game(s) to the next. A component of this feature, Shared Keys, are what allow for this sharing of data to take place. The Shared Keys must be enabled by the creator for all of their games that they wish to enable sharing of data between.


Shared Keys

Enabling "Shared Keys" (under the "Shared Storage" tab) is what enables data to be shared between games. Please note that shared data is player account-specific and data cannot be shared between players. Additionally, Core must be connected to the Internet for Shared Keys to function.

Again, if you are interested in implementing Shared Storage into your games, definitely check out our tutorial!


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