Harmful, Illegal, or Dangerous Content

Games or content containing any of the following are not permitted in Core:

  • Threatens, advocates, or promotes physical or mental harm to self or other real, living people.

  • Targeted attack on specific person or people, such as harassment or bullying, mental harm, physical harm, or violence.

  • Violates Core’s Hateful or Discriminatory content policy, such as attempting to promote or incite singling-out, discrimination, hatred, assault, or violence against a specific group.

  • Act or glorification of suicide as game’s sole focus.

  • Anything involving unwanted or forced sexual acts, sexual assault, or rape.

  • Use or abuse of drugs as game’s sole focus.

  • Promoting sale, or irresponsible/misuse of a real-life firearm, incendiary, or explosive devices.

  • Anything involving the act, promotion, or condonation of real-life human trafficking.

  • Anything illegal involving children such as child marriage, child pornography, or pedophilia.

  • Promoting or advocating for extreme violent acts or terrorism, real armed conflict, mass shootings, school shootings, or other tragic, controversial, or sensitive events.

  • Promoting or encouraging other illegal or dangerous real-life activities outside of the context of a game.
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