Child Safety and Endangerment

The following are strictly prohibited in Core:

  • Anything requesting the personal information of a minor or attempting to “groom” a minor.

  • Anything designed to entice or lure minors specifically.

  • Anything placing children in dangerous, harmful (or potentially harmful), or compromising situations (any situation inappropriate for a child).

  • Gratuitous violence against children, even if only dramatized or fictional.

  • Anything involving child abuse of any kind (physical, sexual, or mental), child marriage, child pornography, or pedophilia.

  • Anything involving the act, promotion, or condonation of real-life human trafficking or any child imprisonment/child trafficking.

  • Promoting or advocating for terrorist acts, real armed conflict (child soldiers, child genocide, etc.), mass shootings, school shootings, or other tragic, controversial, or sensitive events targeted at children.

  • Anything involving children that is in violation of any other Core moderation policy.


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