About In-Game Perks

Please read this first: In order to implement, activate, and be paid for monetization features such as Perks in your game(s), you must be a member of Core’s Perks Program. Information regarding the Perks Program can be found here.


What are Perks?

Perks are a monetization feature that enables eligible Core creators to sell items or benefits to players within their games. Players use the Core Credits in-platform currency to purchase Perks in these games. They can only be purchased by players using Core Credits purchased from the Core Shop.

Participating creators can build Perks into their games to make them available to players and are responsible for their content, functionality, and performance.


Types of Available Perks

There are three types of Perks currently available - Limited Time, Permanent, and Repeatable:

  • Limited Time Perks: Expire after a specific amount of time, currently 7, 15, or 30 days. The “clock” on Limited-Time Perks starts running at the moment the Perk is purchased and continues in real time. For example, if a player purchases a Perk with a 15-day duration on January 1st, it will be in effect through January 16th.

  • Permanent Perks: Have no expiration as long as the game is active. Permanent Perks may only be purchased once.

  • Repeatable Perks: May be purchased multiple times and are most-commonly associated with in-game consumable items, such as potions, boosts, in-game resources, etc


Perks Guidelines and Rules

To protect both players and creators, certain guidelines and rules must be followed for Perks. Further information can be found here.

Buying Perks In-Game

Players must use Core Credits to purchase in-game Perks. Core Credits may be purchased from the Core Shop.


Do Perks Work in Multiple Games?

Yes, in games by the same creator. Perks are account-based and tied to the creator of the Perk. Perks may be used in other games made by that same creator provided that the creator has enabled the Perk in those games.


Finding Perks in the Editor

To get started with, create, and manage Perks, creators must access the Perks Manager in the Core Editor. Reminder that in order to access Perks, you must be a member of the Perks Program.


Adding Perks to Your Game

For implementing and activating Perks in your game, check out this article.


Getting Paid from Perks via Earned Credit Buyback

Creators participating in the Perks Program can request Manticore “buy back” their "Earned" Core Credits gained from Perks sales for real (fiat) currency. Only Core Credits earned from sales of Perks or other monetization features (Earned Credits) are eligible for buyback. Core Credits purchased from the Core Shop or received as gifts or bonuses are not eligible for buyback.

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