Welcome to Core World!


Core World is your gateway to the Core multiverse and the wonderful games and experiences that creators have to offer!


Joining Games from Core World

To join a game via its portal, simply approach the portal and walk through or hit the "F" key to be taken to that game. You may also click the Right Mouse Button (RMB) to view more information about the game before joining:


But Wait... There's More!

The games accessible via the Core World portals are only a fraction of those that are available on Core. To view Core's entire library of games from creators, hit the "ESC" key to pull up the Games Browser (the Games Browser is accessible from both Core World AND if you are in-game):


Once at the Games Browser, access the game by clicking on the game's image. You will then be taken to the game's page and can join there by clicking "Play". If you are currently in another game, you will automatically exit that game when joining the new game.

Want to stay where you're at? Click "Resume Game" in the bottom-left corner to remain in Core World or your current game.

Chillin' the Most

Not quite ready to jump into a game? No problem!

  • Up to 32 players can hang out, socialize, and interact in each Core World.

  • Hop on your mount and cruise around Core World to discover various activities - can you pull-off the elusive 1080 on your hoverboard?!
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